Custom Whimsical Blush Lace Wedding Dress for Korynne

Our lovely bride Korynne was actually not the first person to contact us for this particular vintage style wedding dress, however she was the only bride who was brave enough to order.  Ordering a custom wedding dress online without seeing or fitting until the dress is finished can be nerve racking. 

Here's the photo that she sent to us as the inspiration:


For those of you who have seen the original photo would notice the neckline is much more modest in this photo. The original dress had a much lower neckline, which wasn't always appropriate for everyone, hence the modification.

It's always very helpful to send in a clear photo of exactly how you like the dress to look like.

Here's our beautiful bride Korynne on her wedding day (thank you so much for sharing your photos!!!):



For those of you who are in love with vintage wedding dresses, you can check out our collection here.


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