How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress Size

To find out the best size for your wedding dress at ieie Bridal, all you need is to take your measurements for Bust, Waist, Hip and Hollow to Hem and compare to our Size Chart to select the closest size. 

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Wedding dress size runs different to regular dress size, each designer will have their own sizing so be careful not to rely on other's sizing guide when selecting your size.

 What to do if my measurements falls in different sizes?

It's not uncommon for bride's measurements to fall in different sizes. Usually when this happens, we recommend selecting the size based on your largest measurement.  For example, if your bust measurements falls in a size 2 and waist falls in a size 6, it's best to go with a size 6.  This is because when you're altering your dress with your tailor, it's usually easier for them to take in the dress compared to letting out. 

Letting out a dress can be difficult as there may not be enough fabric in the seam to let out, and it can also risk leaving stitch marks depending on the fabric. 

If the skip between sizes is really big, it may also be worthwhile to order your dress in custom size. While you may still need final alterations with a custom size dress, it should be less than from a standard size dress. 

Should I select one size bigger?

If you expect your weight to fluctuate or change, it's usually a good idea to select a size bigger so your tailor has a little room to work with when altering your dress. 



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