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Choosingthe perfect shade of veil for your wedding dress can be a little bit confusing when your dress is not pure white. There is no 'correct' color, as more than one shade can work with any single dress. What's more important is to choose the color that works for you.

Quick list of what each color option mean.

  • White - Pure white
  • Diamond White - Light ivory, off white, soft white, soft ivory
  • Ivory - True ivory with a tint of yellow
  • Champagne - Light champagne, some store refers to it as light gold

Tips when choosing the perfect color for your dress:

  • If your dress is pure white, go with white
  • If your dress has a darker shade of lining, ivory will usually work better than diamond white (light ivory)
  • Both champagne and ivory will work for champagne colored dress, ivory is more traditional while champagne is gaining popularity in recent years.

If you're unsure what goes with your dress, it's always helpful to get swatches first.

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