• How to Get Wrinkles Out of Your Wedding Dress or Veil

    While your dress or veil is packaged neatly in the plastic bag, it'll always have some wrinkles from packaging and shipping. Here's 3 most popular methods to help you remove the wrinkles from your veil: Find a place to hang the garment up, and usually within days or weeks, wrinkles should disappear by themselves.  If you like the wrinkles to go away sooner, try...
  • Wedding Veil Colors

    Wedding Veil Colors

    Check out our quick guide on how to pick out the best shade for your wedding dress.
  • 3 Popular Ways to Wear your Mantilla Wedding Veil

    3 Popular Ways to Wear your Mantilla Wedding Veil

    There is something magical about the beauty of a mantilla wedding veil. The soft sheers and intricate lace hems compliment your classic yet daring personality.  Originating in Spain, mantilla veils are worn long and grandiose for the cathedral wedding or much shorter for freedom to dance through your big day. Here are 3 most popular ways to wear a Mantilla veil. The Traditional Look This is the most traditional way of...
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