3 Popular Ways to Wear your Mantilla Wedding Veil

There is something magical about the beauty of a mantilla wedding veil. The soft sheers and intricate lace hems compliment your classic yet daring personality.  Originating in Spain, mantilla veils are worn long and grandiose for the cathedral wedding or much shorter for freedom to dance through your big day.

Here are 3 most popular ways to wear a Mantilla veil.

The Traditional Look

This is the most traditional way of wearing your Mantilla lace veil.  The veil is placed approx 2 inches back from the hairline, allowing the lace to drape gracefully to the shoulder.


You could even add a tiara to this look to make it more classic.



The Drop Veil Look

The drop veil simply means a portion of your veil drops in front of your face like a blusher. This look is made famous by Grace Kelly, and more recently seen on Kate Middleton.


The portion in the front can be flipped over when the ceremony is over to create a two tier blusher veil look.

Here's a great video that shows you how to secure your veil:


The Low Updo Look

This is the more modern look where the veil is secured lower towards the back, usually above your updo.

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