How to Get Wrinkles Out of Wedding Veils


While your veil is packaged neatly in the plastic bag, it'll still have a few wrinkles from the folding. Here's 3 most popular methods to help you remove the wrinkles from your veil.

1. Let it go

This is probably the easiest yet most time consuming option. All you need to do is find a place to hang the veil up, and usually within days or weeks, wrinkles should disappear by themselves.

2. Steam from Shower

If you like the wrinkles to go away sooner, try hanging your veil up in the bathroom right after a hot shower. The steam from the hot shower will remove the wrinkles.

3. Use a Steamer

The fastest way to remove wrinkles from your veil is to use a steamer. You can get a hand held steamer for around $20 from Amazon or Target. This is a great investment as you can use the steamer on other dresses and garments in the future.


Tip when using the hand held steamer:

The trick here is to place a thicker, solid fabric such as hand towel or bath towel behind the tulle when you steam, this will allow steam to stay longer in the tulle and hence take out all the wrinkle easier.