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Princess Sierra's 5th Birthday Party

Princess Sierra in Cinderella Dress
Princess Sierra in Cinderella Princess Dress
Princess Sierra with her Cape
Princess Sierra
Cinderella Princess Party Decoration
Cinderella Birthday Cake
Princess Cinderella Birthday Party Pumpkin
Princess Seirra in Her Cinderella Dress
Princess Sierra in her Princess Dress
Princess Sierra Bowling
Thank You for Coming to Sierra's Party
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1 comment

20 Aug 2019 Cynthia Bodnar

On December the 2nd ALL of our little princess’s family and friends got to see the cutest little girl in the most beautiful Cinderella gown designed by ieie bridal and the most wonderful service I have ever experienced!
My baby looked so good with her floor length Cape as well as the gown.
Thank you Wendy for making Sierras day over the top for that gown made people speechless.
Your designs are AMAZING and I thank you once again!

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