• Erica's Magical Winter Wedding

    Erica's Magical Winter Wedding

    Bride's Info Bride: Erica Wedding: Jan 11th, 2019 Cloak: SG1003 - 90 inches From Our Bride Just wanted to let you know that I received my cloak and I absolutely LOVE it!!! It's more beautiful that I thought it could be - you and your team did a spectacular job. Thank you for customizing it for me and for being so great about staying...
  • Maura's Country Wedding

    Maura's Country Wedding

          Bride's Profile Bride & Groom: Maura & RussWedding: Oct 14, 2017Dress: Korynne LG150504 Cape & Wrap: SG1003 & SG1001Venue: Vermont, USA   From Our Bride Hi Wendy, Our wedding was amazing, and I am married to the most wonderful, sweet, kind, funny, handsome, and amazing man!! And I loved my dress, cape, and wrap! I rode in with the cape, and took it off and put on...
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