The Old World Attraction of The Mantilla Wedding Veil

There is something magical about the beauty of a mantilla wedding veil. The soft sheers and intricate lace hems compliment your classic yet daring personality. Originating in Spain, mantilla veils are worn long and grandiose for the cathedral wedding or much shorter for freedom to dance through your big day.

If you're hoping to wear one of these elegant, artful pieces for your wedding, read on for a few easy rules to follow.

The first and most dramatic way to don a mantilla wedding veil is to wear it “drop” style. Famously worn by Grace Kelly and more recently Kate Middleton on their wedding. 

This fashion covers your face during most, if not all, of the wedding ceremony.  Drop style mantilla veils are the easiest to wear as long as you don't plan to lift it back during the ceremony, a maneuver that takes some practice.

When wearing your mantilla veil in the “drop” style, simply drape the wedding veil over your head and pull down the front until you feel it's balanced. You can spray your hair with hairspray just before draping the veil so that it sticks (just a bit!) to the top of your head. For your reception, ditch the veil and make the switch to a tiara or an eye-catching crystal bridal comb.

Here's a great video from youtube that shows you how to secure a drop veil:

A more traditional way of wearing it is to fix it over the crown part of your head, leaving your face uncovered. To wear your veil forward, ahead of your hairline, tease your hair into a “sixties style” bump at the crown of your head.  Wrap your hair into a subtle bun just behind your crown if you'd like to wear the veil a bit further back. You'll want a comb or fashionable hat pin to secure your veil in place.


When it comes to wearing this veil style, your best bet is to experiment and find out which variation of the mantilla wedding veil looks best with your dress. You'll find mantilla wedding veils and a stunning wedding gown to match at

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