The Case Against an Outdoor Wedding

Over coffee with some girlfriends last week, a rather intense debate broke out over wedding locations. It was like someone had split the table in half and the ladies fell into two camps: those who love outdoor weddings and those who hate, hate, hate them. I'd been sort of ambivalent about the subject myself, although I've always thought that being wed in a field of wild flowers sounded totally romantic. As I watched my friends argue, I realized this is a bigger deal than I'd thought.

Is an Outdoor Wedding Really Easier?

       Emily, a super trendy and eco-conscious friend of mine stood firmly in her opinion that having an outdoor wedding was the easiest option, not to mention the prettiest. “You can invite as many people as you want, and you can't beat the view.”

       Another woman disagreed. “No way,” she said. “You can't just walk into to any field and invite three hundred people to follow you.”

       She's got a point, most outdoor venues will still cost you a pretty penny, unless you're lucky enough to have access to land for free. Another issue for many future brides is picking out a dress to match the setting. No cathedral length gown is sturdy enough to stay in one piece while you walk through grass, fields, or forests. Even a court length train is likely too long for an outdoor venue. Still, that doesn't mean you can't pull off a sweet tea length wedding dress from Ieie's Dress Boutique, but you'll need to think more about your wedding gown's function. And ultimately, it's just one day! If the bottom of your wedding gown is a bit tattered by the night's end, who cares?


But, I've Always Wanted and Outdoor Wedding!

       “Then go for it!” That's my opinion on outdoor weddings and exactly what I told Emily. If you're determined to have a summer wedding during bug season, consider lining your table runners with a few citronella candles decorated in your wedding colors. Offer your bridesmaids roll on essential oils before the ceremony as part of their gift. There's tons of bug-fighting fragrance options to choose from, and they come in some pretty adorable bottles.

       Finally, seriously look into using tents for your reception and as a back up plan for rain. Nothing would be worse than having to scramble to find an alternate location last minute when the forecast calls for rain. There are plenty of great wedding planners and venues who offer gorgeous tent choices with their services.

       The bottom line: do what makes you and your fiance the happiest. If you've always dreamed of a wedding in a mountain valley or lakeside shoreline, do it! And prove those in the “indoor wedding only” camp wrong.

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