3 Tips For Planning Your Destination Wedding

When you're destination wedding is practically a vacation, your nuptials can be intimate and stress free or packed with friends, family, and excitement. No matter why having a destination wedding is important to you, we've got a few great tips to remember before booking your big day.


#1 Determine Your Budget and Stay the Course

Being frugal is, believe it or not, one of the biggest reasons to try for a destination wedding. While most weddings cost about $40,000, a destination wedding can be totally cheap. Even if you're reserving a room at an all inclusive resort, you could spend less than a few thousand dollars!

Whether you're going hunting for a bargain or will stop at nothing to have that perfect foreign ceremony, you're going to have to find your budget and do your best to stick to it. That means deciding early whether you'll be paying for any of your guests' needs or if you'll at least be able to plan a fun event or outing for your wedding party.

#2 No Matter Who You Invite, Keep Things Simple

Before even thinking of telling your future mother-in-law about your destination wedding plans, get a clear idea on who you're planning to invite. You'll want to decide as soon as possible whether you want an intimate gathering of close friends or a wild getaway for anyone who is able to join in.

No matter who you end up inviting, make things as easy as possible for your guests. Mail out your “Save the Dates” in a timely fashion and give you guests super clear instructions on how to plan their trip. Let them know whether or not you'll be reserving a block of rooms, providing food or transport, or who they should call if they need any assistance.

#3 Dress for the Location

When it comes to your wedding day, you'll want to be as prepared as possible. Of course, you'll be planning your wedding in advance and likely won't have the weather forecast but do your best to dress for the location. If your destination wedding will be in the colder European countries like Scotland or Northern France, you'll want a wedding dress with long sleeves and maybe even a dressy sweater or coat.

If you'll be having a tropical affair, aim for a chiffon or airy wedding dress that's light and flowing. You'll want to be able to feel the breeze and get a little sun on your shoulders too. You might even prefer a tea length gown so that you can really dig your toes into the sand. You've got some great gowns to choose from at Ieie's Dress Boutique, so you can take it easy knowing that picking out your dress will be the easiest part of planning your destination wedding. The rest will fall into place. Bon Voyage, ladies!



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