5 Ways to Say “I Do” to a Cheaper Wedding

There are lots of calculators and websites out there that will easily figure out what your dream wedding will cost you. Once you've got that part down, you'll need to trim your dream wedding's costs to meet your budget. Here are a few surprisingly simple tricks to lower your credit card balances.

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#1 Check Your Guest List: Who Are You Inviting to Your Wedding?

Take a good luck at your wedding guest. Cross out the names of people you rarely see or only know through other people. Your Dad's coworker would probably love the chance to celebrate your nuptials, but if you only wave at each other in passing every few years, he and his plus one shouldn't make the cut.

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#2 When it Comes to Your Floral Arrangements, Think Crafty but Not Tacky

If you're looking at using fake flowers to save a buck, you might want to reconsider. While fake flowers are marginally cheaper they'll still cost you a pretty penny and will likely alert your guests to your budget situation.

Instead, reduce costs by cutting down the number of floral centerpieces and switch to multilevel candles and glass beads. Using locally sourced, in season flowers will serve your bottom line well too.

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#3 Give Your Wedding Favors a Purpose or Forget About Them

Although gift bags are a cute and trendy option for the wedding without limits, they can really add to your expenses. Make your wedding favors a part of your table centerpieces by giving away potted plants or seedlings. Of course, you can consider foregoing party favors altogether.


#4 Throw a Winter Wedding

Venues and wedding vendors often charge their highest rates in the summertime and spring. Instead, aim for a classical winter wedding. Bridal boutiques and retailers often put their wedding items on sale during the fall, meaning you'll likely get the best deals between November and March.

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#5 Say Yes to the Dress

There are some crazy expensive wedding dresses out there. Rather than choose a wedding gown at an inflated cost, go straight to the source and order from a small wedding boutique.  You'll be shocked by how gorgeous even inexpensive wedding gowns like those sold at IeIe's Bridal Boutique can be. Pick your favorite dress because after all, your wedding gown is the real centerpiece to your wedding.

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