Throwing a Wedding On a Holiday in 2016?

When you really think about it, holidays like the Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day, and Thanksgiving are a lot like wedding celebrations. You’re getting together with the people you love the most, catching up with old friends, and eating a lot of deliciously fatty foods. But, having a wedding around the holidays doesn’t come without road blocks. If you’re thinking about celebrating two occasions in one, sit tight and take notes.


Holiday Weddings Are Convenient and Festive

For some couples, a holiday wedding just makes sense. I mean, loads of your family members already have the time off of work and people are already feeling energetic and festive! With a holiday influenced wedding, you’ll have the opportunity to merge fun themes with décor and catering. Imagine offering Americano cocktails and bright blue martinis for your Independence Day wedding. If the romantic ambiance surrounding Valentine’s Day appeals to you and your honey, create a passionate and intimate ceremony. This tender holiday invites your guests to celebrate not only your personal commitment to love, but the entire spirit of romance.


The Major Problems with a Holiday Wedding

 Hold on before you go mailing out those Save the Dates. Some people aren’t just opposed to Holiday weddings, they’re down right offended by them. When you think about it, it makes sense. Many people only see their family members once a year, and, by inviting them to your wedding on a holiday, you’re asking them to either forgo seeing their families or miss out on your wedding celebration. Not only that, but less people are able to attend weddings near holidays, so if you’re hoping for a big celebration, this lack of RSVPs can be a major bummer.


Is a Holiday Wedding Worth It?

The answer to that question can only come from you. Does the thought of throwing a cozy event with your most cherished friends and family inspire you with exciting plans? The thought of using mistletoe and spruce boughs to decorate your reception hall can be super fun and merry.

Don’t forget to take proper precautions to avoid offending those guests who just won’t be able to swing the event. Send out Save the Dates as early as possible and consider forgoing a gift list if your wedding is scheduled around the more expensive holidays. And, whether you’re having a holiday wedding or not, sending sweet “Sorry You Missed It” pictures made by Social Print Studio is a perfectly polite way to let your invitees know that you were thinking of them on the big day.

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