On the Blushing Bride: Trendy Blush Dresses for Every Size

It’s easy to get sucked into a trendy that is great fun at the time, but ends up being seriously dated looking after a few years. I’m talking about neon bridesmaids’ gowns and huge poofy capped sleeves in the eighties. But if you’re looking for a trendy dress with am exceptionally timeless feel, you must do some investigating into the “blush” wedding dress fashion.

 Plus Size Blush Wedding Dress

Kayla, The Off the Shoulder Blush Wedding Gown

Made to order in a Plus Size, this customizable gown is perfect for fall and winter weddings. The exposed shoulders and collarbones gives a hint of sensuality without taking away from the innocence of the stunning pastels. Match with a white fur cape or a luscious chocolate brown shawl and this dress will pick up a little attitude to match your daring personality.

 Whimsical Blush Wedding Dress

Korynne, A Whimsical Lace Wedding Dress

If you’ve always dreamed of a fairytale wedding, then you have got to consider this other worldly gown by Ieie’s Dress Boutique. Purposefully placed asymmetrical lace seems to give an earthen feel to this soft, blush gown. This wedding dress is perfect for the offbeat bride or the woman whose been waiting years for her Mr. Right. Consider wearing this piece inside a warm lodge or outdoors on a warm summer’s night so you don’t have to cover up the intricacy of the high capped shoulders.

 Fairy Tale Blush Wedding Dress

Sara, A Blush Wedding Gown with a Modest Touch

Perfectly innocent in soft pinks, this wedding dress is balances modesty with a daring break from the traditional white wedding gown. Lace meets a sheer illusion neckline at a faux sweetheart cut, making this dress perfect for a shy bride with a touch of a wild side. Appropriate for any season, this blush wedding gown can be worn with a delicate white sweater or a long double-tiered veil.


Soft, sweet, and also Victorian in coloration, it’s easy to see why the blush colored dress of soft pinks and champagnes is an emerging style in the wedding industry. Perhaps spurred by the fabulous and classy actresses Kiera Knightly and Anne Hathaway who both wore lovely tulle blush wedding gowns for their nuptials, blush pastels are romantic to a fault and set a relaxed and gentle tone to any wedding reception. 

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