How Long Should My Wedding Train Be?

Wedding trains are hard not to love. They build drama, excite guests, and add an almost regal element to the bride. They’re stunning additions to any bridal gown although they can be tricky to wear and aren’t usually suitable if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Although traditional etiquette warns against the wearing of a train if you’re marrying for the second time, this rule isn’t always followed. Take Kim Kardashian, for example. Although her wedding to Kanye West was not her first, she still rocked a really amazing gown with a cathedral length train.

 wedding dress with sweep train

Wear a Sweep or Brush Train for Extra Mobility

A sweep train, also called a “brush” train is usually just about 5-6” long and barely sweeps the floor. This short length makes these trains perfect for brides having an outdoor wedding who don’t want to forgo a train altogether. This small train is also great for brides who plan to be moving around during their reception and not stuck in one place or changing into something else.

 wedding dress with chapel train

A Chapel Length Train is Perfect for Grace Without Weight

Falling 12-18” behind the hem of the wedding dress, a chapel length train is by far the most popular choice. It’s movable and extremely elegant but doesn’t add too much weight. There will be some things to consider, like whether you’ll continue to wear it during your reception or if you’ll change into something a bit more flexible. Another option is to purchase a convertible dress with a train so that you can move from ceremony to reception without changing into something else.

wedding dress with cathedral train

Wear a Cathedral Train if You’re Wedding is a Serious Event

Cathedral length veils are at least 2 feet long and create a pretty big spectacle. They’re made for exclusive, formal weddings carried out indoors. The next step up from this train is the royal or monarch length, not suitable for many weddings other than Kate Middleton’s. Cathedral Length trains however are great for adding drama to the ceremony (and the photos, of course). One drawback? You’ll certainly need to change into something else for the reception. Also: the extra fabric adds a lot of weight to your gown and expenses to your overall cost.

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