What Do I Need to Know About Planning a Church Wedding?

Church Wedding Dress

Maybe it’s the church you grew up in, the one you attend every weekend, or just a beautiful venue that’s peaked your interested, but picking out the church you’ll be married in is a big deal that impacts a lot of your wedding. Here’s a few things to keep in mind before picking out your temple or church.


Bills, Bills, Bills…

Well, fees really, but there are sometimes a lot of them. When picking out your church, find out what sort of costs are involved. Does the pastor have a fee separate from the overall church charge? Big, multimillion dollar churches will charge for sound systems and cleaning costs. Expect to spend between $200 and $1,500 for your church ceremony fees.


Speaking of Your Pastor…

Probably one of the biggest issues you’ll run into when planning your wedding is choosing the pastor. In most churches and temples, the pastor comes with the venue, although some will make exceptions here and there. If you’re heart is set on a pastor, make sure you’re okay with the church that comes along with it…and vice versa! Remember that these pastors are people with passionate convictions, they have their preferred traditions, whether it’s not allowing personally written vows, a preference regarding the itinerary, or mandated premarital counseling. Do your research before choosing the pastor and be flexible.


Counseling Considerations

Speaking of counseling, some churches, religions, and/or the individual pastors themselves require the couples they marry to undergo a few counseling sessions before the wedding day. These sessions are usually very helpful to the couple; you’ll a few fun quizzes, chat with your pastor or an appointed religious social worker about the foundations of marriage and potential problems you and your spouse might run into. Although many couples dread this part of the church finding/wedding planning process, it can be a really beneficial way to begin your marriage.


Once You’ve Picked the Church

You’ve got you’re your church or temple picked out, so now what? It’s time to start the real planning, and have fun doing it! We suggest waiting to pick your bridal colors and dress until you’ve chosen your wedding venue. This way you can create a cohesive look that doesn’t look tacky or unpleasantly contrast with your church of choice. Think deep colors in older cathedrals and sunny pastels for open sunlit spaces.


Good luck, ladies! Your wedding will be perfect.


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