On Being Colorfully Offbeat for Your Wedding Day

Blush and champagne wedding gowns are still fresh enough to be considered offbeat but choosing an alternatively colored gown doesn’t have to stop there. For many, something about wearing a white wedding gown seems wrong. You’re a modern woman who doesn’t prescribe to tradition for tradition’s sake. You’ve got your own inspiring ideas, contemporary opinions and fashion forward ways. If you’re not interested in being pigeonholed into a white or even a champagne colored wedding dress, you’ve still got plenty of options.


Cinderella Blue for Your Happily Ever After Wedding

It doesn’t have to be a fairytale themed wedding to make use of a cerulean blue Cinderella wedding dress. This princess style beauty found here tells the worlds you’ve  been charmed and are ready to be the center of attention at your wedding. We love the billowy off the shoulder sleeves brushed with rhinestones and butterfly cutouts in monochromatic hues of blue.

Similar to the aforementioned gown is this fab piece also by IeIe’s Dress Boutique. In contrast to the full Cinderella gown, however, it’s got thinly capped sleeves, lace embellishments plus plenty of shimmered beading. A favorite part to this customizable wedding is the boning to the bodice, giving this dress a sultry yet Victorian feel.


Feisty and Passionate Red Wedding Gowns

Red is a great color that inspires passion and energetic celebrations. If you’re a fervent lover and excitable bride, you might be perfect in a wedding gown of rich crimson. What we love about this wedding gown is that it’s totally elegant and classic but has that truly romantic change of tradition. Similar in coloration but a little more daring, this mermaid style, strapless red wedding dress was worn for a seriously appropriate Italian wedding.


Your Wedding Dress Can Be Any Color You Like

If you’re into style, the best thing about ordering your wedding gown from a real dress maker is that everything is customizable. What we’re in love with about IeIe’s Dress Boutique is that anything is customizable. Whether you’ve got your eye on a modest lace gown but really hoped for green or you wanted something fun and tea-length but in pink, the girls there can do it without an issue. You only get married once (usually!); your wedding dress should be exactly what you’ve pictured.


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