Keeping Your Guests Comfortable with Small Touches

As fun, exciting, and heartwarming weddings can be, they can also be breeding grounds for a lot of frustration and discomfort for your guests. They’ve been travelling, running into old friends, family, and trying to navigate their way through the stress of preparing their families for the event. As the bride and groom, you want your guests as comfortable as possible so that they can fully savor the romance and passion of your wedding day. Even small changes can make a huge difference in their enjoyment and the overall atmosphere of your reception.


Keep the Ceremony Brief

Okay, I know that in many church weddings this isn’t really possible, but if you can chat with your pastor or plan a brief wedding outside of the church, you’ll find that a lot of your guests will really thank you for it.


Provide Plenty of Refreshments

While your guests are waiting for the ceremony to start, waiting for dinner to be served, or for cake to be cut, push the drinks and appetizers at all avenues. All people eat differently; some people graze bits at a time all day long while others hold out for big meals. No matter what sort of guests you’ve invited, handing out plenty of snacks keeps everyone happy.


Consider Comfy Seating Options

We all know that church pews are far from comfortable, but if you can make a few more comfortable seating choices for your elderly guests, pregnant mothers, or generally uncomfortable guests, people will feel all the more welcome.


Carefully Plan Seating

By carefully plan seating, I actually mean that you need to really think about the guests that you are inviting and what they would prefer. Are they the type who’d be comfortable enough to sit next to new people or would they be more comfortable with a planned arrangement that keeps them near their friends and family? Once you’ve got this figured out you can truly decide whether you would like to do planned seating or not.

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