5 Vintage Wedding Gown Styles to Top Off Your Vintage Wedding

Wedding gown trends change year to year and decade to decade but not all of the tried bridal styles have stood the test of time. Remember the 80s? That entire decade was basically giant puffballs of tulle and faux-taffeta. That’s a bridal decade we can pretty much forget about. However, the 20s through the 60s were amazingly stylish decades for bridal fashion. Let’s jump back in time and consider some uniquely fashionable vintage gowns that have become true classics.

 1920s Wedding Dress


Wedding dresses from the 1920s were all about the use of Art Deco, a novel contrast to the predeceasing Art Noveau style. This meant strong geometrical patterns; imagine intricate beading and sleek geometrical designs like the gowns worn by Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby. Matched with sleek and neat hair covered by a beaded cap, the 1920s was a decade of elegant bridal fashion. Keep your eyes out for your uniquely glamorous retro wedding gown.

 Vintage Wedding Dress 1930s


The brides to be who suffered the most from the poverty of the Great Depression generally hopped over to the courthouse in their Sunday best, rather than purchasing a costly glamorous wedding gown like those of the 1920s. For the lucky few who could afford a special wedding gown for a church ceremony, they wore seriously simple and sleek satin gowns that draped from their shoulders and caught gently on their hips. Veils were modest too, and most only simple lengths of tulle. Brides respectful of the simplicity of this period but daring enough to want a unique custom wedding gown might like this gorgeous wedding here.

 Wedding Dress 1940s


Hollywood razzle dazzle and high-waisted pleated skirts was what the wartime era, 1940s wedding gown fashion was all about. Still reeling from the Great Depression and struggling to get their hands on beaded embellishments, the wedding dresses of the 1940s were still sleek but with added touches of luxury and style.

 Vintage Wedding Dress 1950s


You’ve got the 1950s to thank for the popularity and development of the A-line princess skirt wedding gown. Feathered headpieces and hats also were considered fashionable during this period. These retro wedding dresses are still striking and fabulous.

 Vintage Wedding Dress 1960s


Styles ranged from modest to totally rebellious in the 1960s, which is why it’s my favorite era for bridal fashion. From lacy long sleeves to spunky tea length wedding gowns, this was the era of showing off your personality through your own bridal fashion. Today, I’m in love with the convertible dresses that begin with a modest lacy feel but go short and flirty for the reception.

Here’s my opinion, vintage style wedding gowns are the way to go for many reasons, but ultimately their value lies in the fact that they’ve stood the test of time and have become facets of the fashion world. Wearing a vintage wedding gown on your big day is an homage to the fashionistas before you and the man waiting for you at the end of the aisle.

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