Here’s Why You’re Going to Love Sleeved Wedding Gowns

 I’ve just about had it with watching brides pull up their sleeveless wedding gowns over and over again throughout the wedding ceremony and the reception afterwards. The problem with strapless gowns and spaghetti strapped wedding dresses is that they have a great potential to be absolutely unflattering. I’m telling you; it’s time this style takes a step to the left and gives room for flattering, gorgeous and even regal sleeved wedding gowns.


What’s the Big Fuss Over Sleeveless Gowns?

The problem with sleeveless wedding gowns will be obvious once you pay attention at the next wedding you attend. With sleeveless wedding dresses, either the bust of the gown is supple enough to move with the bride as she walks down the aisle but requires that she pulls it up repetitively. This constant pulling of the gown’s bust is downright distracting and super uncomfortable. Okay, so your heart is set on a sleeveless gown? You’ll need a stiff fabric to create a bust is so inflexible that although it doesn’t slide downwards, it seems to move separately from your body which gives an almost robotic feel to the bride. Not exactly elegant.

 Wedding dresses with sleeves

Sleeved Wedding Gowns Shout Elegance

Sleeved dresses add a level of formality to an important ceremony that’s so often focused on the reception and not the solemn meaning of the practice. A bride in a sleeved wedding gown is confident, elegant, and akin to the lessons of vintage styles.


Sleeveless Wedding Gowns Hide Imperfections but Let’s the Bride Shine

As the popularity of strapless gowns rose, there grew this idea that the purpose of strapless gowns was simply to hide the woman’s imperfections. An older bride? Sleeves. Dry prone skin? Sleeves. The shame in this line of thinking is that it scares away so many brides who just enjoy the extra coverage that sleeved wedding gowns provide.


Long Sleeved Wedding Gowns for Every Season

While long sleeved wedding gowns are the perfect choice for Fall and Winter weddings, their really an excellent choice all year round. With options from wrist, elbow, to capped lengths, these sheer and breezy sleeves provide a light layer without the bride sweltering.


Sleeved Wedding Gowns: Everybody’s Doing It

Okay, I’ll drop the peer pressure, but let’s just remember that there are a lot of amazingly beautiful and sophisticated women who wore sleeved wedding gowns on their big day. Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Kate Middleton are some of the classiest women around and they were all brave enough to wear stunningly beautiful long sleeved wedding gowns. Are you sophisticated enough to do the same?


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