5 Things You Need to Know If You’re Wearing a Short Dress for Your Wedding

Wearing a short, tea-length bridal dress for your wedding can be all sorts of fun for a truly fabulous wedding. They’re easy to wear, perfect for destination and outdoor weddings, and truly versatile.

 Vintage Style Short Wedding Dress

There’s Tons of Short Wedding Gowns to Choose from:


What Shoes to Wear with Your Tea Length Bridal Gown

The truth is, you can wear just about any shoes with your tea length gown, but the beauty of having a short wedding dress is that you can make your shoes the stars of the show. Sure, you can choose ballet flats to stay comfortable, but make them pop. Why not cherry red or something blue? My biggest issue with flats is that for short gals, ballet slippers might make you look a little too childlike in a tea-length skirt, rather than womanly and truly bridal on your big day. If you choose heels, make sure they send the message you are going for: classy, wild, dangerous, or just drop dead sexy.


Showing Off Your Legs in a Short Wedding Gown

There’s no way around it, in a short wedding gown, you’ll be showing off your legs. If you don’t have built in, well-defined calves, I seriously suggest wearing some heel to your gown. Whether it’s one inch or four, you’ll be happy your legs have some definition when they are out for the world to see. Lastly, what will you be wearing on your legs? Panty-hose or are you going to go bare-legged? Bare legs need to be well moisturized and maybe a little tanned if you are on the paler end of the spectrum. If you’re wearing hose, take special consideration to ensure that they match your skin tone. You don’t want to look extra ashy, washed out, or strangely tanned either.


So, Why Go Short Length for Your Wedding Day?

Because short gowns are fun and flirty! That’s why! You’re a girl with an independent streak, a heart full of adventure and style for days. A tea-length gown from Ieie’s Dress Boutique is the place to start your search.


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