Boho-Style Weddings

The beauty of Bohemian style lies in its relaxed and eclectic nature. What a nice aesthetic and even foundation for a wedding between people with lots of stories, friends from all over, and energetic passion for art, literature and love. If this sounds like you and your honey, a Boho wedding is just what the doctor ordered. Here’s 5 ways to make your Bohemian wedding a spirited occasion.

 Blush Boho Lace Wedding Dress

  1. Choose a Wedding Dress with a Little Whimsy and a lot of Personality

We all know that people come to weddings to judge your dress. Does it fit well? Does it match your Personality? Are they just as in love with it as you are? Here’s a few perfectly Boho-style wedding gowns you might want to take a look at:

  • The Amie: With the vintage style lace and faux-cape at the back, this dress is adorably sweet.
  • The Celeste: It’s the Grecian columns paired with an oddly perfect mix of velvet and lace that makes this Boho wedding dress to die for.
  • The Julie: With it’s plummeting neckline and fringed bottom, The Julie is the dress of the Bohemian Millennial.
  • That Old Gown: The beauty of working with expert bridal designers? They can turn your old friend or relative’s old gown or fabric into a uniquely you wedding dress.


  1. Go Minimal

Bohemian Style might be eclectic, but it’s not about posh luxury and showing off. The best bohemian weddings are performed in small settings with a short guest list. Think a party room of the side of an old brewery or in a small cove or copse of trees. Bohemian style values simple ways to showcase grand ideas.


  1. Cater for a Diverse Crowd

The people loved by Bohemian brides are brimming with character and strong opinions about food. To cater a Bohemian wedding, you’ll want food choices for all walks of the Earth, from meat-eaters to vegans, from gluten-intolerants to dessert fanatics. You can have a great local restaurant cater or even throw a pot luck event instead.


  1. The Décor at a Bohemian Wedding Tells a Story

Gather items from your romance with your soon to be partner and involve them in your table centerpieces. Use Social Print Studio to tell a visual story hung over the tables with string and clothespins or twisted wire.


Remember, the last thing a bohemian wedding is about is going overboard. The free-spirit knows what she wants. Keep things simple and filled with love for life, creation, and your new partner.



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