Your Summer Wedding

The Food, The Venue, The Dress


There’s no doubt about it, summertime is wedding season. And, as Summer approaches, all of you soon to be brides are likely scrambling to get some of those finishing pieces in place. This means making final plans for your venue (or getting it paid down just in the nick of time), coordinating catering, and beginning work on your table centerpieces. Although a Summer wedding is tried and true, it still has lots of things to think about.

 Summer Wedding Dress

The Venue

One of the biggest reasons people pick summertime for their wedding is because they’ve always dreamt of an outdoor ceremony. And why wouldn’t you? A warm breeze, birds chirping, and the sun glowing brilliantly over your bridal party’s heads like halos. Wondering what your options are when it comes to picking out your Summer venue? There are plenty.

  • A Breezy Indoor Setting with Outdoor Patios: There are a few great reasons to use an indoor venue even in the summer. It gives you options in case of poor weather, protection from bugs, and the chance to wear a wedding gown with a longer train style. Finding a venue with open windows for a breeze it total perfection. A venue with a patio isn’t a must, but it’s certainly a plus. There are so many guests who just like to step out every so often for a bit of quiet, fresh air.
  • Out in the Open: A wedding out in the open can be simply stunning. It’s a way to be fully immersed in nature and to really celebrate in a basic, care-free way. Still, with crisp white seating and well coordinated colors, you can make your outdoor wedding as eye-popping and classic or basic as you’d like. The downfall to outdoor weddings is that you’ll need to think about bug control, shade for children and the elderly (maybe cute parasols that match the bridal colors?) and a nearby space for a toilet. Oh, and one more thing, and this is a biggie, if you’ve planned an outdoor wedding, you must have a back up plan in case of bad weather or you’ll be very sorry.


The Food

Summertime provisions are easy and fun. Think refreshing, maybe even tropical drinks and fun non-alcoholic cocktails. When it comes to food, provide a light, yet filling dinner. The fact is that heavy foods don’t sit well in hot weather and will make your guests feel sleepy and uncomfortable.


The Dress

Of course, the best part of planning your summer wedding is picking a flawlessly radiant wedding gown. I like the idea of eye popping colors like this yellow and white piece, or something more subtle like this blush bridal gown. Whether you go all white or with something colorful, pick at light, flowing dress. We suggest something with little to no boning, padding, or many layers. There are tons of options at Ieie’s Dress Boutique, and since they are a customizable wedding dress company, you can get the perfect dress you’ve been dreaming about.


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