5 Beach Friendly Bridal Gowns That’ll Have You Begging for a Seaside Wedding

Beach Wedding Dresses

A soft breeze, the sun against your freckled shoulders, and just the faintest taste of sea water in the air…what’s not romantic about a beach wedding? While it requires give and take in a few areas (get a beautiful view, ignore the loud kids building a sand castle a quarter of a mile away…), you can certainly get exactly what you want in these five gorgeous sea-worthy wedding gowns.


1. The Christine

Soft and sensual, the greatest gift this billowing bridal gown brings isn’t the forgiving Empire waist cut, but the fact that this wedding gown comes with pockets. Pockets! As all women know, any dress made with pockets is an instant winner. Perfect for hiding your chic matching sunnies, you’ll never regret wearing this elegant, beach-worthy gown.


2. The Sydney

I’d have to be crazy to not put a Mermaid, fit and flare style wedding gown on this list. But, The Sydney isn’t just any Mermaid gown, it’s an intricately designed French lace piece with a neckline that call an image of a seashell bra to mind.


3. The Riley

The treasure to this bohemian style wedding dress is the side slit that would look absolutely perfect for a barefoot bride or a woman in strappy sandals. The loose fitting bodice provides plenty of breathing room for hot days and looks terrific too.


4. The Samantha

The coral pink tulle train makes this strapless wonder an excellent wedding gown for a tropical beach affair. Consider coordinating your bridal party in coral or turquoise and expect a Margaritaville inspired party that won’t stop till the sun comes up.


5. The Edena

I realize I haven’t put any other tea-length gowns on this seaside wedding dress list but that’s because you don’t have to prescribe to the old rule of thumb that long gowns aren’t seaworthy. However, this tea-length wedding dress is special. Rich cerulean blues and a sheer lace neckline meet like the ocean and sky, creating a truly unique bridal image. Your wedding guests will be dumbfounded at the natural beauty of the ocean, your gown, and your beautiful silhouette in this handcrafted piece by Ieie’s Dress Boutique.

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