Wedding Veil Styles: From Feminine Lace and Chiffon to Cathedral Length Stunners

Wedding Veil


What’s in a Veil: Fabric Used in Your Bridal Covering

Your wedding veil will likely be made up of chiffon, silk, nylon, lace, or organza. Different materials have different transparencies and textures, making them ideal for different situations and styles. Some veils are soft and opaque, meaning the bride’s hair and face will be almost completely covered during the ceremony. Others are transparent, a much more popular choice for brides who will be wearing a veil that covers her face. Silk chiffon is mildly opaque fabric and an extremely popular fabric, while organza’s stiffness makes it a bit less popular but is tantalizingly transparent.


Birdcage and Blusher Veils

If you’re going for a minimalist style with a retro vibe, an ivory birdcage veil is the look you’re after. Made with simplistic white netting topped with a floral or downy embellishment, birdcage veils are a hipper alternative to the more traditional blusher veil. The blusher veils’ sole purpose is to cover the bride’s face during the wedding ceremony and thusly serves a mostly religious purpose. Blushers can be used alone or in a two-tier veil.


Elbow Length and Finger Length Veils

These are likely the most popular veils. They’re easy to wear all while maintaining an elegance every bride wants. Versatile in material, these veils appear just as they’re named. While the elbow-length veil falls just at crook of your elbow, finger-length veils fall to the tips of your fingers when you lay your arms casually at your side.


Chapel length Veils Versus Cathedral Length Veils

A little more difficult to explain and a lot more sophisticated, both chapel and cathedral veils are simply supreme in style. The difference in these two veils, like the elbow and finger-length veils are again in length. While a chapel length veil is generally 90” long, a cathedral veil is a show-stopping 118” item of elegance. These regal items are high bridal fashion but definitely not for any outdoor wedding like the versatile veils mentioned before.


Still, the choice is yours, and you can surely make any veil work for you. You’ll look amazing regardless!

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