Modest Wedding Dresses for those of The Mormon and Jewish Faiths

Sometimes, it seems that weddings are simply used for bride’s to out-sexy one another with low cut necklines and immodest sheers and fabric cutouts. Still, some brides search for modest dresses that match their personal values. Your wedding is your own, and if being a fancy yet scantily clad lady is your deal, go ahead! However, for women with strong faiths that require modest dress on their wedding day, they have every right to find a stunning wedding gown that shows off their grace without losing their discretion. Today we’re talking about the standard guidelines for brides who follow the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints and those of the Jewish faith.

Modest Wedding Dress with Lace Cap Sleeves

What Should a LDS/Mormon Bride Wear on Her Wedding Day?

  • Shoulders should be covered
  • No cleavage should be exposed, consider a high neckline
  • Low cut backs are out of the question, keep your backline above your shoulder blades.
  • Skirts and slits cut into the dress must be knee-length or longer
  • Try to keep your dress from being too tight or revealing.
  • Gowns should be white with minimal, if any, color.

As a Mormon bride, your wedding day is about the union between you, your husband, and God. A dress that is too flamboyant and revealing will take away from the sacred value of this special day.

Simple Modest Wedding Dress 

What Should a Jewish Bride Wear on Her Wedding Day?

The Jewish faith varies in regulations depending on the denomination. Reformed Judaism has little if any restrictions on bridal attire, but it’s always a good idea to check with your synagogue’s Rabbi before making your purchase. Orthodox and Conservatives Jews have more restrictions, and they are very similar to the attire of the Mormon bride. Capped sleeves if not completely covered arms while in the temple. Orthodox Jews often require that bridal gowns fall to the ankles. Some Jewish brides of the Conservative denomination may wear two gowns, changing into a less modest gown for the reception.


Here’s a few great LDS and Jewish appropriate gowns made by Ieie’s Dress Boutique.


  • The Laura gown worn here by Chelsea in the USA, was made especially for her LDS wedding. She looked amazingly stunning while maintaining a demure figure.
  • The Rebecca wedding dress is a beauty of delicate lace. It’s stunning design and reserved cut makes it the perfect wedding gown for the Jewish or Mormon bride.
  • The Annabelle has shorter sleeves but a beautiful neckline that turns the modest bride from simple to a work of art.


You can search Ieie’s Dress Boutique for Church wedding gowns and Modest wedding gowns or even ask the excellent seamstresses to customize something for you. Your wedding should honor your beauty as well as the covenant you are about to embark upon.

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