How to Have Your Beach Wedding in a Cool Climate

For cold weather, lakeside towns, life gets a lot busier during the summer months. People put away their snow shovels, pack away the hats and scarves, and the tourists start pouring into town. For the beautiful town of Marquette, Michigan, this means more people, more festivals, and lots of beachside weddings. People from all around the country to have their very own wedding on the shores of the Largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior. However, dressing for a beach wedding in the northern climates of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota are different from those south of the border and in warm tropical cities across the pond.

Consider Longer or Elbow-length Sleeves

Depending on the day, the breeze of a large freshwater lake can get pretty chilly even on the warm days of August. Consider wearing a wedding gown with sleeves like one of these beautiful and affordable gowns made by Ieie’s Dress Boutique.

 Sexy Beach Wedding Dress

  • The Amber: Amazingly intricate, this wedding gown has an open back and keyhole bust with elegant lace sleazes.
Tea Length Beach Wedding Dress
  • The Divan: With it’s short hem, this wedding gown is a great beach bridal gown for cool climate beach weddings. The sleeves are sheer and beautifully feminine and you’ll be thankful you picked this one when you can stay warm and dip your toes in the water.
Pink Beach Wedding Dress
  • The Monaco: This pink tiered beauty just screams summer, but provides appropriate coverage for chilly winds and cooler days.


Wear Strapless or Spaghetti Gowns with Sweaters or Long Veils

In love with a strapless or spaghetti strap gown? You don’t have to forgo them altogether! Instead, wear a long veil, a cape, or a sweater of your gown so that you can take it on and off for pictures, or even ditch if the weather warms up.


Consider Forgoing Traditional Veils for Hair Clips, Birdcage Veils, or Pinned Hats

One last consideration for your Lake Superior beachside wedding is that on some days, the weather can get rather windy. If you are wearing a long veil on days like this, you may regret your choice. Instead, try a birdcage veil or sparkling hair clip.


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