5 Bridal Gowns that Belong in Your Trending Barn Wedding

It doesn’t matter if you and your future husband are having a barn wedding for the space, to stay on top of hot trends, or because you’re really country at heart: you’ll want a wedding gown that looks like it was made for the venue. From sexy body-hugging mermaid wedding gowns to reserved classics, you’ll find a perfect customizable wedding gowns at Ieie’s Dress Boutique. Here’s five bridal gowns that look like they were made for a spectacular barn reception.

 Backless Convertible Country Wedding Dress

This wildly intricate embroidered wedding gown is such a perfect barn wedding gown in a plenty of ways. For one, the pairing of thick embroidery with delicate lace gives this gown a truly Country Western Singer vibe with the kind of elegance you’d see at the Country Music Awards. Best of all, this is a convertible wedding gown available in ivory or white, making it super versatile and ready for a real romp in the hay after your reception.

Convertible Country Wedding Dress

Now, this is a classic wedding gown for any venue, but with it’s light and breezy fabric and vintage lace appliques, it’s a perfect wedding gown for a barn dance.

Boho Country Wedding Dress

Another customizable wedding gown worthy of an award show with it’s plummeting neckline and daring coloration, The Kori is a rocking beauty. Short, sharply capped sleeves give this gown a look of elegance, while the lightweight softness keeps it rooted in blushing femininity.

Vintage Country Wedding Dress

Vintage and country, The Brendina cuts a stunning figure for any bride, with an empire waist belt and sweetheart neckline. The thick lace straps provide breathable comfort and curve down towards your waist, creating a sexy, backless cut out.

Casual Country Wedding Dress

A bit like a demurer version of the Kori, the Korynne maintains the previous dress’ whimsy while keeping things classy and sophisticated. Totally fitting for the venue, this dress was practically made for barn and meadow photo-shoots.


Ieie’s Dress Boutique has plenty of other Country-style wedding gowns you may consider for your Barnyard wedding as well as the ability to customize just about anything in order to make your dream wedding gown a reality.

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