5 Fall Wedding Musts That You Might’ve Forgotten

There are checklists online that when followed to a tee will certainly help you get your wedding planning done. However, if you’re designing an autumnal wedding, there may be a few things those lists, or you, have forgotten.

Ask for Lower Prices

Your caterer, venue, and other service providers probably won’t tell you, but during the off-season, and that includes the fall, prices can be lowered with little to no haggling. Just ask for an off-season price, making mention of the business’ likely decreased revenue.

Keep Your Guests Warm

If you can find a creative yet polite way to ask your guests to dress appropriately for fall weather, do so. However, this can be hard to do with the limited space on your wedding invitations. As an alternative, provide a chest, dresser drawer, or wardrobe filled with shawls, sweaters, and fun blankets to keep your guests comfortable. It’s a charming gesture and can really flow with your fall décor.

Keep Your Floral Arrangements in Season

While you may have dreamt of ranunculus flowers and peonies for your wedding, these traditionally spring and summer flowers can come off as tacky in the fall. Instead, choose seasonal flowers like calla lilies or chrysanthemums or go bold and skip the flowers all together. Instead try colorful waxed and curled oak and maple leaves or an entire bouquet of rich brown pinecones.

The Dress

When it comes to a hosting a fall wedding, you may forget the importance of dressing for the weather because your blinded by your “dream” wedding gown. Before you impulsively buy the first sleeveless or spaghetti strapped wedding dress you find, take a peek at these long sleeved beauties that might surprise you in their elegance and absolute loveliness.

 Fall Wedding Dress

  • Victorian-Style Princess Ball Gown: Totally traditional for the bride who has always dreamed of that perfectly white wedding gown. You’ll loved the touch of scalloped lace at the neckline.
Fall Wedding Dress
  • Sexy Vintage Lace with Open Keyhole Back: Sexy is This gown is amazingly intricate and hugs all the right curves on your womanly body. The lace chapel length train is like none other and perfectly balances the soft champagne lining beneath.
Fall Wedding Dress
  • Long-Sleeved Blush Gown: Totally modest yet somehow alluring, this is by far the top pick for fall. It’s easily made in champagne, ivory, or pure white, and cascades with tulle that enriches its sophisticated grace.


If you’re still obsessed with a strapless or spaghetti-strapped wedding gown, remember a shawl or fur coat. Fall weddings are warm, intimate, and just off the beaten bath. You’re going to love yours. Happy planning!

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