Make Your Wedding a Cultural Mash-Up!


Maybe you'd like to honor your parents or just that European backpacking trip you took a few years back. If you're looking to host a fresh and personal wedding, embracing a unique culture is the perfect way to spice things up.


Match Your Cuisine to Your Cultural Motif

       When it comes to adding a unique culture's flavor to your wedding, catering is the best place to start. Think Thai food to wet your guests appetite for Instagram pics of your honeymoon in Bangkok. Get your hands on a local taco truck for your outdoor wedding; it's a trendy move and an exciting way to highlight your Hispanic heritage. Whether it's Kielbasa and Cabbage or Jollof Rice, food is the essential way to capture the heart and soul of a culture.



Find a Unique Custom to Practice at Your Wedding

       Just before their wedding, the betrothed Italian often ambled to the nearest cathedral barefoot, a fun tradition you and your spouse could seriously rock. Just imagine what a great photograph you'll get of the dusty soles of your feet before the nuptials.

       In Sweden, it's customary to spruce up your bridal bouquet with strong smelling flowers or herbs to ward off trolls. Who would've thought that trolls were once taken so seriously that they've made sure to prevent them from ruining weddings?



Dress to Impress or Make a Subtle Statement

       You're fashion forward and contemporary, yet you understand the power of celebrating your culture and heritage. Don't worry, you can easily find a striking balance between your style and values by making your dress the center piece to your wedding.

       Go bold and dazzling with an Indian saree or silk embroidered Chinese gown. Choose to be subtle and fun with a vintage tea length dress or observe your culture's modest values by donning a gown that's breathtaking yet demure. Whether you're honoring your Arabic heritage, your position in The Church of Latter Day Saints, or your own personal preferences, a modest wedding gown is a classic choice. You can find modest wedding dresses, vintage bridal attire, or trend-setting dresses with blush hues at Ieie's Dress Boutique.


Whatever Your Style, Honor Yourself Too

       No matter what road you take in your wedding, be proud of who you are. 

Follow your heart and your marriage will follow. Good luck and happy event planning, girls!

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