Bohemian Bridal Inspiration

The bohemian bridal look has been a crowd favorite for years and I don't think it's going away anytime soon. 

Like most fashion trends, the boho style made its way back around from the 1970's. But unlike most fashion trends (besides the 80's, because I just don't think anyone wants to relive that), it stuck around.

Lovely white lace, unkempt beauty, wild, free spirited and back to nature are only a few ways to describe the bohemian (life) style. 

If you're the kind of bride who wants to infuse your wedding-day attire with this laid back, but alluring look, take a peek at the inspiration board above for some ideas on how to pull off your own boho bridal beauty.

The Dress: Wedding style starts with the dress. Our strapless chiffon gown with lace bodice is so enchanting that you'll probably want to wear it every day. 

The Veil: Although flower crowns are the go-to head pieces for boho brides, a traditional veil looks just as lovely. And who says you can't combine the two? Top a fingertip lace mantilla veil with a circle of flowers that match your bridal bouquet.

The Shoes: Any kind of shoe will go well with a bohemian wedding dress, so it's about your personal style and what's comfortable. Keep in mind your venue before deciding on what type of shoe to purchase. If you're walking through sand, for example, a flat shoe (or no shoes!) will work better than a heel. We love the look of a wedge with lace and floral details. Photo via Weddings by Lilly

The Bouquet: Now is the perfect time to incorporate flowers with a bohemian vibe into your bridal and bridal party bouquets. Wedding trends have shown that couples are loving that back-to-nature feel, lush greenery, and blooms that feel "wild" and "just picked." Consider including ferns, dahlias, wildflowers, lavender, succulents, roses, daisies, sunflowers, and spider mums. A typical bohemian bouquet might be wild, unkempt, and overflowing, but you can go the opposite way for a boho chic look. Photo via Weddingomania

The Accessories: If you want to adorn yourself with something a bit free-spirited, look beyond the traditional strand of pearls and go for a unique piece that consists of feathers, lace, or even metal in an interesting design pattern. Colors can range from monochrome to turquoise, depending on your overall wedding color palette. Photo by Christina Lilly via Ruffled

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