Create a Unique Bridal Look with a Two-piece Dress

Have you gone wedding dress shopping and found yourself wishing that one piece from Gown A could go with another piece from Gown B to create your ideal dress? We feel your frustration, which is why we offer two-piece and convertible wedding gowns that you can mix, match, and wear to your liking. Here's a sample of how you can create a unique bridal look with our two-piece dresses. 



The Jane is a strapless two-piece wedding gown that features a detachable tulle skirt and lace bodice that converts into a short dress that's perfect for the reception or after-hours dance party. Order the dress and skirt or the dress only if you want to mix it with another skirt style, like the one below.


Blush Pink Tulle Skirt


Any crop top, strapless bodice, or short reception dress can be made into a wedding gown with help from our a-line tulle skirt. Layers of blush pink tulle cascade like cotton candy, but if you'd rather have white, ivory, or any other color, just let us know and we'll make it to order. 


Backless Mermaid Lace Wedding Dress


The vintage bride with a mermaid heart will love our backless lace wedding dress with detachable skirt. Intricate gold beading overlays vintage lace giving this dress a Golden Age feel. After the ceremony, slip off the mermaid train and have a completely new look for your reception. 


A-line Tulle Skirt with Lace Hem


Here's another gorgeous option for brides who want to mix and match their bridal attire. This a-line skirt is made with layers of soft tulle and features a lace edge, making it the perfect match for a lace bodice.

Tips for Wearing Bridal Separates:

Keep it classy - if you want to wear a crop top with a bridal skirt, make sure there's not too much space between the top and the skirt. Sure, the whole crop top/wedding skirt is trendy and looks great in a fashion magazine, but will the look work on you? Try on a few wedding-worthy crop tops with your chosen skirt before you decide to go this route.

Consider the convertible - the convertible dress option is great for gals who want a cohesive look between the ceremony and reception, but still want to change it up between celebrations. Opt for the 2-in-1 dresses, like the Nina or our convertible mermaid wedding gown

Try it out - if you're not completely sure you want to rock the two-piece look for your wedding, but would still love to wear it elsewhere, try donning the bridal separates at your bridal shower, bachelorette party, or reception dinner. 


Top photo by Joel Bedford via photopin (license)

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