Dress Code 101: Wedding Guest Attire

Here at ieie Bridal, we not only have dresses for brides, bridesmaids, and maids of honor, but dresses for guests as well. If you've received a wedding invitation, you're probably aware of the dress code and what the couple expects their guests to wear. Perhaps the invite listed it as casual, cocktail, or black tie. But what does it all mean and what should you wear? Here's the lowdown on wedding dress codes and a gown to go with each.


Wedding Guest Casual Dress


Casual is the most laid-back option, but it doesn't mean you can slip on your boyfriend jeans and a tee shirt. Consider the wedding venue and theme to get a clear idea of the kind of outfit you should wear. A safe bet is a sun dress that can be worn in any season. Pop a cardigan or pea coat over it in the fall/winter and wear as is in the spring/summer.

Cocktail/Semi-formal/Dressy Casual 

Short Lace Formal Dress with Black Lace


For this request, you'll want to walk the line between casual and formal. Kind of like Casual Fridays (although a bit more dressed up). A short cocktail dress with black lace detail is elegant without being black tie. 

Formal/Black Tie

Gray Lace and Chiffon Long Evening Dress


It's time to get all dolled up! A formal or black tie dress code means you'll need to wear evening wear like a floor length dress or formal pant suit. If the invite says, 'Black Tie Optional' it means that the wedding party will be in formal attire and you can either wear a formal evening dress or don something like a cocktail dress. We recommend the former.

Beach Casual/Formal 

Halter Lace Chiffon Evening Dress


Beach casual can be interpreted the same as casual, so look for a sun dress that fits the wedding theme. For a beach formal dress code, take your sun dress up a notch with elegant details. Consider a maxi dress with a floral lace print

Have you received a wedding invite with a different dress code and need to know the details? Let us know and we'll point you in the right direction. And if you see any dress on our website that you would like altered to fit your dress code needs, send us a message and we'll work on designing a customized dress just for you.

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