How to Create a Prairie Chic Bridal Look

Last night, for the first time ever, I watched Legends of the Fall. 'How could you have not seen that movie before now?' you're probably asking. I know, right? Not that it's the BEST movie ever, but it's a bitter sweet romance and tale of brotherhood that's deserving of a viewing. Even if only to admire the stunning landscapes and Ms. Susannah Fincannon's charming wardrobe.

And ultimately, the wardrobe is what I'm getting at. 

I was inspired by the early 20th century prairie style, the clean, white cotton, delicate lace, flowing skirts. Sometimes the hair was down and unkempt, sometimes put back with wisps blowing in the summer wind. The makeup was subtle, of course. A well-to-do prairie woman liked to enhance her features, but had no time for heavy creams and colors. 

To put it simply, Julia Ormond's character in Legends was quite prairie chic. What an inspiration for a bridal look!

Here's how to create your own prairie chic bridal look for your big day.

How to Create a Prairie Chic Bridal Look


Top left: Julia Ormond as Susannah Fincannon in Legends of the Fall. Soft, loose waves create a stunning bridal hair style, and a nude makeup palette says chic, but not fussy.

Bottom left: Our Alyssa dress is a strapless design made of chiffon and lace. The billowing skirt will look gorgeous floating down a church aisle or through a field of wildflowers.  

Middle right: A pair of cork wedges offer beauty and comfort. The added flower embellishment plays into the prairie theme.

Top and bottom right: Matching rose gold leaf necklace and earrings top off the prairie chic bridal look in a subtle way. 

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