How to Dress Up a Simple Bohemian Wedding Dress

The great thing about a simple wedding gown is that it can act as a blank canvas for your personal style.

Take our simple boho wedding dress, for instance. It has all the essential bohemian elements - like lace and layers - but it's not so cluttered that you can't add to it.

To get an idea of how you can create a unique bohemian bridal style, take a look at some of our favorite ways to dress up a simple wedding gown.  

Cover Up 

Painted Mrs. Leather Jacket

Painted Mrs. by Once Upon a Lauren

Give your boho style a bridal boost with a custom painted leather or denim jacket. If you want something more feminine, cover up with a lace shrug or bolero.

Interesting Jewelry 

Gold Wedding Back Chain

Back Chain Necklace by Lotus Living Designs

If your bohemian wedding dress has an open back, you can dress it up by wearing a necklace that hangs down the back, like the one above. Even better, you'll be able to wear it after the wedding celebrations. And who doesn't love purchasing wedding items that can be reused and re-worn long after the vows are said?

Sashes and Belts 

Flower Bridal Sash

Photo by WWD/Steve Eichner via Bridal Musings

Our simple boho wedding gown comes with a ribbon sash, but you can detach it and replace with something more sparkling, like a jeweled bridal belt. There are also other options, like lace, crocheted, and flower sashes.

Lace Veil 

Fingertip Wedding Veil with Half Lace

Fingertip Veil with Half Lace

You're probably already considering adding a veil to your bridal attire. In this case, look for one with lace to compliment your bohemian gown. You could even top it with a flower or gold/silver leaf crown.

Bohemian Bangles 

Boho Layered Bracelets

Bracelets by Twininas

With all of the gorgeous options available, you'll probably find it hard to pick a set of bohemian style bangles to wear on your wedding day. Look for interesting shapes and charms, like feathers and colorful gemstones, and layer them with simple gold and silver bangles.  

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