Less is More: Simple Wedding Dresses for the Polished Bride

Don't let anyone tell you differently - simple can be stunning! 

A simple wedding dress is elegant, polished, poised, and modern. It's the perfect style for brides who want a natural, but sophisticated look.

A minimalist wedding gown also acts as a blank canvas for brides who want to adorn themselves with baubles and beads or classic jewelry and dainty gloves. 

 We have a variety of simple wedding dresses that any polished bride would adore. Here are some of our favorites.

Grecian Chiffon Wedding Dress

Simple Empire Sheath Wedding Dress


The Greeks knew how to take a simple piece of fabric from boring to beautiful. This Grecian-inspired wedding gown highlights the shoulders and neckline, uses a pleated style across the chest, and is exquisitely embroidered across the waist and shoulder straps. It also features a long train that will have you looking like the dignified bride/goddess you are. 


2. Lace Back A-line Wedding Dress

Cowl Neck Modest Lace Back Wedding Dress


Simple in the front, stunning in the back. The front has a soft, draping cowl neck and the back features illusion lace, which is not only beautiful, but popular among 2017 brides (if you're into that kind of thing). And even if it is a popular style, the lace design and trailing buttons give this dress a timeless feel. Plus, the A-line design looks good on any size and shape, making it the ideal silhouette for brides.


3. Vintage Modest Lace Wedding Dress 

Vintage Modest Lace Wedding Dress 


This vintage-inspired wedding gown may be modest, but it's certainly not boring. Forget strapless gowns and cutout bodices. Instead, opt for sweet and simple with half sleeves, gorgeous lace trim, and a wraparound bow. The back also clasps together to create a small keyhole. 


4. Modest Chiffon Ball Gown 

Simple Elegant Chiffon Ball Gown Wedding Dress


Even though ball gowns are traditionally extravagant, that doesn't mean you can't get away with wearing a simple one on your wedding day. If you love the silhouette, but don't want a lot of extraneous details cluttering up the gown, consider this elegant chiffon ball gown with sleeves. It even comes with a pink sash (other colors available) to give it just a pop of color. 


5. Sleek Red Wedding Dress 

Strapless Red Wedding Dress


If you love the polished look, but still want to tread off the beaten path, consider a dress of a different color - like this sleek red wedding dress. Sure, it's bold, but it's modern, chic, and doesn't need any extra details. 

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