Petticoat Pointers: What is it and Do You Need One?

While you've looked through the ieie Bridal website you may have seen the option to purchase a petticoat to wear under your wedding dress. But what exactly is a petticoat, and do you need one? Here are some petticoat pointers to help you decide.

What is a petticoat?

A petticoat can give more shape to your wedding dress, adding volume to the skirt, and can also make it easier for you to sit and walk, as it keeps the hem away from your legs and feet.

Petticoats come in different shapes and layers to fit the style of your wedding dress.

  • A one hoop fit-and-flare petticoat adds fullness just below the knee.
  • A fitted waist petticoat with full skirt is perfect for dresses with drop waists.
  • A two hoop petticoat is great for A-line dresses, as it adds body without fullness (as in ballgown fullness)
  • Three hoop petticoats with tulle create a dramatic, full effect perfect for ballgown wedding dresses.

Petticoat Pointers: What is it and Do You Need One?


Do you need a petticoat?

ieie Bridal offers two petticoat options:

If you're wearing a ballgown wedding dress, we recommend also wearing a ballgown petticoat underneath to achieve the dramatic, full effect. If you want that classic princess look, you'll definitely want to wear the ballgown petticoat.

If you're opting for a tea length wedding dress, our short petticoat can add volume to your skirt and give you a retro look. The dress will still look gorgeous without the petticoat, but if you want a full skirt, like the ones you see in retro styled shoots and magazines, you'll want to wear a short petticoat underneath.

In the end, it's up to you! Just like choosing whether to wear a veil or not, choosing to wear a petticoat depends on your desired look and style.

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