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Unique Blush Lace Wedding Dress

Photography:  MorningWild

Creative and style savvy bride Kar-Lai Gambrioza and her husband put together a beautiful wedding, much of it with the help of Etsy, an online marketplace where people can connect with small shops to buy and sell specialty items from vintage kitchen décor to wedding gowns. Kar-Lai used Etsy to purchase her unique wedding gown from Ieie’s Dress Boutique, the groomsmen’s tie clips, memorial pins and lockets, as well as her specialty shoes and their wedding bands. Etsy is a also a great place to purchase unique items cost effectively if they’re needed in bulk. On this site, you’re working with real people, not corporations with a mandatory bottom line. The people behind individual Etsy shops work out of passion, meaning every item you purchase is created with love.


The Bouquet

Sick of the traditional floral bouquet? Here’s one of our favorite alternative bridal bouquets found on Etsy. Dusty Luck uses rustic touches and vintage florals to fabricate long-lasting bouquets. Creative since childhood, Amber creates lovely items from hair clips to brooches, but her bouquets are phenomenal. Check out this neutral yet dazzling Rustic Ivory Antler and Burlap bouquet or this Wild Rustic Wheat Dried Flower Bouquet and prepare to be stunned by her innovative flair.


Table Runners

If you’re looking to create a neutral yet unique atmosphere beneath your plates and table toppers, you’ll be interested in checking out Hot Cocoa Design. Using long runners of burlap embellished with lace and specialty embroidery, this shop offers a wide variety of decorative options. We especially like this shop’s nautical items for the seaside wedding.


The Dress

Etsy is a trustworthy site that even offers wedding gowns of style and grace, including our wildly popular Korynne. From pearly pink tea-length wedding gowns to more traditional white mermaid gowns, Ieie’s Dress Boutique is a high seller on Etsy, known for our reasonable prices and stylish, customizable wedding gowns.


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