Soft Sage and Matte Copper for Your Fall Wedding

While summertime weddings continue to take the cake in the wedding popularity contest, fall weddings are not to be messed with. The beautiful colors of the autumn leaves, the crispness of the air, and skies blue enough to stop your heart; there couldn’t be a more tender time to host a wedding.

Fall is the perfect time to host your impending weddings-it’s not so cold you’ve got to run indoors after you’ve said “I do,” but just cool enough that you’ll want to snuggle all the closer to your new partner. This summer’s themes are all about gentle pastels and muted hues of merlot and saffron and the fall will stay soft yet head in a more natural direction of sage and matte copper.

Fall Wedding Dress

Building a Perfect Centerpiece Your Fall Wedding

Fall weddings tend to be a bit more intimate if only because your guests will need to be closer together rather than spread out on a lawn. When there’s even the slightest chance that snow might fall or the winds might pick up on your big day, you’ll want a setting that’ll keep your friends and family warm. Create an atmosphere that adds to this closeness, with boundless centerpieces of sage and mint greenery, geometric copper décor, and wooden table numbers. Keep your dress on theme with a touch of blush and lace or subtle with a hint of sparkle.


A Hearty Meal with a Twist

While you’re better off going light for summertime meals, there is no need to go light when catering your fall wedding. Prime rib and steamed greens may look bland at first, but with a touch of soft pink grapefruit and strawberry jam on a hard biscuit, you’ll add sweetness to a savory meal plus a touch of rich color to your guests’ plate. Imagine dining by candlelight with a roaring fire near you and your honey. Nothing is more romantic than that.

 Fall Wedding Dress

Consider an Afternoon Wedding to Preserve Daylight

As the days grow shorter, your guests to will grow short on patience towards the evening. A late night, raging wedding event is best saved for the summer, so consider a special occasion ending with your friends and families tucked snugly, and happily, into bed by nightfall. Begin your event mid-morning, and end after dinner, leaving dancing for close friends back at a rented cabin or home in the woods. Change into something more relaxed in the evening, or wear a comfortable, flowing wedding gown for your entire event.


Make Your Dress Count

Before you get too far planning your wedding, pick out your dream gown that just makes sense for your personality. Have a retro feel to your personality? A wild at heart spirit? Ieie’s Dress Boutique has got you covered with retro dresses, bohemian style bridal gowns, and everything customizable. Going traditional and modest? Perfect. A long-sleeved gown just makes sense for an autumn event. So, go ahead and start shopping, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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