The 7 Essential Photos You Must Get of Your Wedding Dress

Since you're only going to wear your wedding dress once, it's important that you cherish every moment in it and get lots of photos to capture you looking stunning in it, as well as all the unique details. You spent plenty of time choosing it, after all. To give you some inspiration, we've put together this list of 7 essential shots you must get of your wedding gown. 

1. On the Hanger

No competition here. A shot of your dress languidly hanging on a wall or in front of a window or mirror gives it all the attention it deserves. 

Wedding Dress on Hanger


2. The Full Picture

Of course you'll want a photo of you in your dress. A front-angled shot will give everyone the full picture of your dress and just how amazing you looked in it.

Fairy Tale Wedding Dress


3. From the Back

Whether your wedding gown has a unique back style or not, you'll want to get a photo of you in your dress from the back.

Wedding Dress Back Photo


4. Shoulder or Waist Down

You won't be able to see your face in this kind of photo, but that's the point. This shot highlights your wedding dress and how it fits perfectly on your form. 

Shoulder Down Wedding Gown Photo


5. The Train

If you have a train on your dress, get a photo with it fanned out so you get a true sense of what it looked like.

Wedding Dress Train Photo


6. The Details

Those small, but beautiful details that make your dress unique, deserve to be captured on film forever. This could include buttons, lace, or bead work.

Wedding Dress Detail Photo


7. Just the Skirt

Some wedding dress skirts just begged to be photographed. Give your skirt its own moment with a photo that highlights its beauty.

Wedding Dress Skirt Photo


Did you adore any of the dresses in these photos? Just click on the one you like to get more info or contact us about designing your own custom wedding dress.

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