Vintage Wedding Dresses: Inspiration Throughout the Decades

Each decade brings both new and old styles with it. Even now in the 21st century we see details from fashion's past: high necklines, classic lace, bohemian silhouettes, etc. Everything comes back around at some point, and in doing so, creates new styles when mixed with modern-day preferences. 

So what did wedding dresses look like back in ye olden days? And can you wear those designs today? Of course! ieie Bridal has a variety of vintage-inspired wedding dresses to choose from. 

Here is just a sampling of the designs you'd see throughout the decades and their modern counterparts.


Vintage 1920's Wedding Dress


The 1920's ushered in a new kind of style. Brides said goodbye to high-neck collars, floor-length dresses, and stuffy underthings and said hello to tiers and drop waists, beaded patterns, and skirts that bared (gasp!) their ankles. Even sleeves went from long to barely there.

You can get a similar look with a 1920's inspired wedding gown that features intricate art deco beading, short sleeves, and soft tulle and silk. 


Vintage 1940's Wedding Dress


The 1940's wedding dress was a mix of v and square necks, long and short sleeves, and draping silk. Three quarter sleeves with poof shoulders were especially popular. To add some 1940's flair to your own wedding dress, choose one with a v-neck, like the one above, which also has scalloped lace edges, giving it a romantic touch.


1950's Tea Length Wedding Dress


50's brides loved tea length wedding dresses, cascading ruffles, lace, long sleeves, and petticoats underneath their skirts (to make the skirt poof out and look fuller). We have a huge tea length wedding dress collection, so you're sure to find the retro style that suits you best. The modest short dress above features everything a 50's bride would adore: lace bodice, long sleeves, and full skirt.


1970's Wedding Dress


The 1970's bride traded in the short length wedding dress for longer, flowing styles and empire waists. Other details the 70's bride loved: bell sleeves, illusion fabric, lace, and high necklines. Our whimsical organza wedding gown is perfect for the modern bride who wants to incorporate some 70's style into her dress. It features a lace and illusion bodice, high waist, beading, and open back.


1980's Style Elegant Wedding Dress


Not many people can say that the 1980's were a particularly good time for fashion, but if you look closely, you can find some style details worth stealing. For example, 80's brides loved BIG (big hair, big shoulder pads), but as a modern bride you'll want to leave behind the puffy sleeves and put the poof in the skirt. A ballgown wedding dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves and intricate lace pairs 80's style with modern elegance.  

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