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5 Ways to Step Up Your Summer Wedding Style

We've been talking about summer quite a bit, and why not? Before you know it, we'll be snuggling under blankets by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. Let's enjoy the summer vibe while it lasts!

So now that we're officially into wedding/summer season, let's talk about how you, as a summer bride, can step up your wedding style. Here are a few ideas (aka eye candy) to get you started.

1. Adorn Yourself With Fresh Flowers 

Ways to Step Up Your Summer Wedding Style

Photo by Twin Lens Weddings via Bespoke Bride

3D wedding dress blooms might be trending, but fresh flowers are always in style. Forgo the traditional veil for big blossoms that smell as pretty as they look.

2. Wear a Wrist Bouquet 

Ways to Step Up Your Summer Wedding Style

Photo by Paige Jones Photography via Style Me Pretty

Want to save money or nix the traditional bouquet for something more unique? Consider wearing a small arrangement around your wrist or give your bridesmaids these mini bouquets while you carry a bountiful bunch of blooms.

3. Don a Loose Fishtail Braid

Ways to Step Up Your Summer Wedding Style

Photo by Katie Grant Photography via Style Me Pretty

Laid-back mermaids wear fishtail braids. Not only is it a gorgeous style, but it will keep you cool during the hottest part of the day. Add some summer vibes by tucking flowers or shells into the braid.

4. Wear an Off-the-shoulder Long Sleeve Wedding Gown 

Ways to Step Up Your Summer Wedding Style

Gaby | Off Shoulder Lace Wedding Dress

Off-the-shoulder and long sleeve? Yep! You can have the best of both worlds with a beautiful bohemian style dress like ieie bride Gaby's. The lace sleeves and bared shoulders will keep you cool and the tulle skirt will billow in the breeze.

5. Spray on an Herbal Mist 

Ways to Step Up Your Summer Wedding Style

Photo via Pinterest

An herbal mist will keep you fresh, cool, and possibly bug free throughout the day. Just fill a mist bottle with water and herbs like lavender and mint to keep the bugs at bay or with cucumber for a hydrating affect.


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