You'll Thank Yourself for Adding This Popular Wedding Dress Customization

There are a variety of ways you can customize your wedding dress here at ieie Bridal: you can add buttons and lining, change the neckline, or go from short to long sleeves, just to name a few.

But there's one customization in particular that we think your future self will adore you for adding. It's both pretty and practical and has gained popularity over the last few wedding seasons. 

What is it?

Wedding Dress With Pockets

Photo via Wedding Sparrow

Wedding Dresses With Pockets

You may have seen lovely brides showing off their pocket gowns on Instagram and giving the low down on why this feature is such a huge hit. Like we mentioned earlier, it's both stylish and practical and that's something we can all get behind, from minimalist brides to those who prefer romantic flourishes.

The great thing about a wedding dress with pockets is that, although it offers a level of comfort and informality, it's not short on sophistication. In our humble opinion it's the perfect balance and every bride should consider customizing her wedding gown with pockets. 

Need more reasons why you'll thank yourself for adding pockets?

Pockets give you something to do with your hands. Many brides feel awkward posing for photos without anything in their hands, but when you're wearing a gown with pockets you can easily slip your digits into them for a casual but cool look.

Wedding Dress With Pockets

Photo by Brandon Chesbro via Style Me Pretty 

You can stash practical and meaningful items. Every bride knows the peril of not having a tissue, lip balm, or even a small mirror on hand. And no one really wants to carry around a clutch on their wedding day. The solution (pockets, of course) is so simple that we're wondering why designers didn't come up with it long before now.

Fill your pockets with tissue or a sentimental hankie, something old/new/borrowed/blue, the love note from your sweetie, a good luck charm or worry stone, lip gloss, compact mirror, or your phone for impromptu selfies and must-capture moments.

Plus, they just look so cool, stylish, and contemporary. But even if you love all things vintage, boho, or glam, you can still incorporate pockets into your bride style. They work with every look!

Wedding Gown With Pockets

Photo via The Knot

So, once you've found your dream wedding dress, head on over to the customization page and click on pockets to add this top feature your future self will definitely thank you for. 

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