How to Store and Hang Your Wedding Dress Before the Big Day

How to Store and Hang Your Wedding Dress Before the Big Day

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Have you found your wedding dress months before the big day? If so, you might be wondering how to properly store and hang your gown so that it doesn't get wrinkled, stained, or worse - ripped! 

No worries, bride-to-be. Here are our top tips on how to keep your dream dress in tip-top shape while counting down to your wedding day. 

Take it Out of the Plastic

Plastic does not allow the dress to breathe, and some plastics contain chemicals that can stain the dress. Better to be safe than sorry and take your dress out of its plastic bag before hanging or storing.

Keep it Covered

After you have taken the dress out of the plastic, you can keep it as clean as possible by covering it with a cloth garment bag or a clean, dry sheet.

Hang Your Dress

Hanging the dress will keep it from losing its shape and will also give wrinkles time to fall out.

Before you hang, consider the weight of your dress. Heavy dresses with lots of layers, beadwork, and/or embellishments need extra care. For an extra heavy dress, consider laying it flat in a garment bag and storing underneath or on top of a bed. Be sure and air it out 36 hours before the wedding day.

Hanging Tips

  1. For any wedding dress, use a strong hanger with silk padding to prevent damage to the sleeves or straps.
  2. Don't hang your dress on or near ceiling fans or light fixtures. If possible allow it to hang freely and not touch the floor or walls. This will allow the dress to more easily keep its shape and prevent rips, burns, and discoloration. 
  3. Restrict activity near where the dress is hanging. The less activity, the less dirt will make its way to your beautiful gown. Consider closing the door and hanging a sign that says something like, 'Caution: Wedding Gown Inside'.
  4. Close windows and doors, and don't hang your dress near a window, as the sunlight can damage the color.
  5. Don't hang the gown in damp places like attics and cellars. The ideal temperature should be between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  6. If you don't have a proper place to hang your gown, you can ask a bridal salon or dry cleaner to store your dress for a fee.

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