A Midsummer Night's Dream Wedding Inspiration

Perhaps the allure of A Midsummer Night's Dream isn't so much the story (although it is a great story) as it is the imagery that surrounds it: ethereal, dreamlike, magical.

No wonder people love building party themes around this Shakespearean play!

And what better celebration to incorporate all things Midsummer than a wedding?

Whether your wedding day takes place around actual midsummer (between June 19 and June 25) or at a time completely opposite from the season, you can fill your big day with dreamy details straight from the playbook.

Here is some A Midsummer Night's Dream inspiration to show you just how easy it is to pull off this wedding theme. 

Outside Locations 

A Midsummer Night's Dream Wedding Inspiration

Photo by Matthew Bishop via Boho Weddings

Most of the play takes place in a woodland, as this type of setting was connected to rest and relaxation, perfect for busy city dwellers who needed a break. With that in mind, an outside venue like a garden, field, or forest is the ideal spot for a Midsummer-themed wedding. The beauty comes from the natural backdrops, which means you don't have to put in as much decorating effort (one less thing you have to stress about!). Use the trees, shrubs, wildflowers, etc. to enhance your theme. For example, for a dreamy effect, drape lightweight fabric or twinkling lights over the trees and through bushes, and line the aisle with lanterns or candles. 

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers 

A Midsummer Night's Dream Wedding Inspiration

Photo by Sonya Khegay via Wedding Chicks

Flowers tend to play a big part in most weddings, but in A Midsummer Night's Dream wedding, they might be center stage. Bouquets, centerpieces, and other floral arrangements should be relaxed and unstructured. Wildflowers work perfectly for this, but you can also use whimsical greenery like ferns and moss. 

Bridal Styling 

A Midsummer Night's Dream Wedding Inspiration

One of the best ways to pull off a Midsummer bridal look is to think bohemian. 'Undone' might be a good place to start with soft, loose hair styles, dewy and subtle makeup, light and flowy dresses, and accessories that hearken to dreamlike fairy forests (flower crowns, twinkling jewelry). The blush wedding dress above, featuring lace and soft tulle, would have Titania envious. 


A Midsummer Night's Dream Wedding Inspiration

Photo by Memento Photography via One Fab Day

When it comes to a Midsummer theme, less is often more, especially since you'll have natural beauty as your backdrop. Overflowing flowers and flickering candles will work wonders for this magical theme, and you can add other details like clustering engagement photos on stacked tree stumps, placing moss mats under plates, and tying ribbons or flower wreaths to chairs. Words like natural, whimsical, and dreamy can guide you in decorating a Midsummer wedding.

Eye...and Mouth Candy 

A Midsummer Night's Dream Wedding Inspiration

Photo via Adventures in Cooking

I've found, quite possibly, every recipe you need for your dessert/cocktail hour menu. This edible flower collaboration is stunning and the items are almost too pretty to eat/drink. There is a recipe for Creamed Honey and Rose Popsicles, Cornflower Kickback cocktail, and Candied Pansy and Viola Mini Pavlovas. Swoon!

I could go on and on about the beauty that is A Midsummer Night's Dream, but this blog post would turn into a book! Now it's your turn: make yourself a Cornflower Kickback, read the play, and take notes on which elements you'd love to include in your wedding. Afterward, take a nap in confidence that a pesky Puck won't be able to trick you into a different romance. Sweet dreams!

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