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Liz's Court House Wedding

Bride:    Liz
Wedding:   July, 2011
Location:   USA 

From Our Bride:

loved loved loved my dress! when wendy says that she is here to create your perfect wedding gown, she is not kidding! i found a dress that i absolutely fell in love with however, the price was ridiculous so i sent wendy some photos of the dress that i wanted and she quoted a very fair price! i received the dress yesterday and it looks exactly as it did in the photos i sent her! i actually think it looks better that the dress in the photos! i was a bit worried about having to take my own measurements but all those worries disappeared when i tried the dress on - it fits like a glove! wendy is definitely skilled and truly talented. thank you so much wendy! i can't wait to wear it in july!

Liz's Short Wedding Dress

Liz's Dress

Simple Short Lace Wedding Dress

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