Bejeweled: 5 Wedding Veils with Dazzling Details

ieie Bridal has a large wedding veil collection and a style for every kind of bride.

Today we're talking about the bejeweled veil. Whether it's adorned with beads or sparkling with crystals, these five veils are anything but boring.

Pair them with your wedding dress for a bit of bling and a whole lot of elegance.


2 Tier Fingertip Bridal Veil with Sparkling Beadings


Two-tier Fingertip Veil 

The longest layer of this veil reaches to the fingertips and the edges of both layers are adorned with sparkling beads and silver sequins. 


Two-tier Ivory Beaded Elbow Length Veil


Two-tier Elbow Length Veil 

The delicate stitched design around the edge of this elbow-length veil is enhanced with sweet and simple beading. Perfect for the bride who wants a little embellishment, but not so much as to outdo her wedding gown.


Two-tier Ivory Elbow Length Veil with Pearl Beading


Two-tier Elbow Length Veil with Pearl Beading 

For brides who like the previous elbow-length veil, but want to take it up a notch, this veil is for you. It's the same length, same number of tiers, but has even more beading around the edges. 


One Layer Fingertip Wedding Veil with Pearls and Crystals


One Layer Fingertip Veil

Simple on design, but stunning on style! This fingertip veil is a minimalist bride's dream with its single layer and line of pearls and crystals. 


Fingertip Veil with Jeweled Edge


Fingertip Veil with Jeweled Edge 

Much like the previous wedding veil, this fingertip-length style is only one layer, but is embellished with a jeweled design around the edge. It's minimalism with an artsy pop.


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