How to Style This Classic Summer Accessory

She sells seashells down by the seashore. And she wears them too! Shells are a classic staple accessory during the summer months and are flexible to style. They can be jazzed up for a night out and pared down for a day at the office. They can also be styled to fit a bridal look. Whether you're getting married on the beach or will be miles away from any body of water, you can still wear seashells in a way that works for your unique bridal style. Check out the options below to get an idea.

Stay Golden

Match your tan to your bridal accessories with a simple gold bangle, sparkly Swarovski and cowrie shell necklace, or a crown of golden starfish. 

Golden Seashell Bridal Accessories

Starfish Crown: Be Something New | Lariat Necklace : Sophia C Jewelry | Bangle: Aubrey Atelier Shop

Vintage Inspired

Bring the past to the present through delicately decorated shell accessories. Carry a straw clutch from the 1960's to your reception, use a macrame belt as a sash, or pin a vintage starfish in your updo.

Vintage Seashell Bridal Accessories

Clutch: Vintage Victory Co. | Starfish Barrette: Foosh Farm | Macrame Belt: Old School Bazaar 

Sun K.I.S.S. 

Keep it simple, sweetie with modern and minimalist accessories like a tiny pair of seashell earrings, a unique open band ring, or a white coral pendant necklace.

Minimalist Seashell Bridal Jewelry

Cuff Ring: August and Elliot | Mini Seashell Studs: yoBJoyeriaymas | Coral Necklace: Jeweller With Soul

Make a Statement 

For the brides who prefer bold over basic, a statement piece with an ocean twist will pair nicely with the rest of her bridal attire. Think artistic pendants, colorful earrings, and shawls with seashell patterns. 

Statement Shell Accessories for Brides

Malu Necklace: Kealoha Jewelry | Rhinestone Earrings: Oras Cottage | Wedding Shawl: LigaKandele

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