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Whether your wedding dress is straight out of a fairy tale or something more simple, you know you want to pair it with a dramatic veil. In fact, the search for "dramatic veils" on Etsy increased by 213% since 2017. That means A LOT of brides are digging the drama. Think fringe, florals, embellishments, and sweeping trains. 

If you're loving the idea of trading in tradition for an eye-catching head piece, we've got you (and your crown!) covered. Keep scrolling for some of our favorite custom-designed dramatic wedding veils.

Cathedral Length Veil with Lace Applique

Cathedral Length Veil with Lace Applique


Imagine the photos of you in this soft tulle veil with its gorgeous lace designs around the edges. Have your maids hold the ends of the veil as you walk down the aisle so guests can see the pattern.

Cathedral Length Veil with Sequined Lace 

Cathedral Length Veil with Sequined Lace


You'll definitely make a dramatic entrance when you step into the room wearing our cathedral length veil with sequined lace lining the edges. The floral pattern will sparkle (like your guests' eyes) as you make your way down the aisle. It's the perfect veil for a bride who wants to shine bright.

Fingertip Length French Chantilly Lace Veil 

French Chantilly Lace Veil


If you're saying no to a simple and traditional style wedding veil, you might want to say yes to this dramatically designed one. Rectangular in shape, this veil boasts a beautiful eyelash edge and floral pattern made from French Chantilly lace. In this veil, you'll be as pretty as springtime in Paris. 

Two Tier Fingertip Veil with Flower Appliques 

Two Tier Fingertip Veil with Flower Appliques


The divine design of this veil starts with soft tulle and concludes with lace appliques, flower embellishments, and sparkling crystals. Drama at its best!

Do you love these veils? Which one is your favorite? If you want more, head to our full collection of wedding veils. And if you have a design idea of your own, contact us for a custom made veil.

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