Statement Hair Pieces for the Bride and Bridesmaids

Just as there's a wedding gown design for every bride, there's also a hair piece to suit a bride's style. Over the years we've seen everything from simple, but sparkling jeweled combs to over-sized blossoms and flower crowns. The designs may change, but one thing's for sure - bridal hair accessories are always in style!

If you're thinking about adding a hair piece to your veil or just want to wear one on its own, we have a selection of bridal hair accessories that both you and your maids can wear. The great thing about investing in a hair piece is that it can be turned into an heirloom after the wedding. You can wear it again, of course, or hold onto it and pass it down to children and grandchildren. 

Here is a peek at our showstopping hair accessories.


Crystal Wedding Hair Comb


Crystal rhinestones and pearls make up this elegant and romantic bridal hair comb. Wear it in your updo or accentuate your veil with these beautiful crystal flowers. Bridesmaids will also look lovely wearing this hair comb and will sparkle in the sunshine as they walk down the aisle.


Ivory Flower Clip


A handmade twin flower hair clip is the perfect accessory for a bohemian bride who doesn't want to wear a crown of fresh flowers, or a bride who's getting married in an elegant spring garden. Really, it's perfect for any bridal style. The ivory flowers are accented with crystal rhinestones and there pearls to give the piece a classic detail.


Crystal Rhinestone Bridal Hair Clip


Add a vintage touch to your hairstyle with a crystal rhinestone hair clip like the one above. It's shape and intricate design speak of bygone days and will look lovely paired with a traditional veil and vintage lace wedding gown. 

This is just a sample of the bridal hair accessories we offer brides and bridesmaids. You can see even more bridal hair combs and clips right here.

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